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Wireless UpLighting in DC MD & VA

When you want your wedding or reception venue to look its very best, consider augmenting the already beautiful architectural interest of the hall with wireless uplighting. FM Event Productions provides everything you need to create an inviting glow to illuminate your reception location without harsh glares or garish colors. We have the most powerful UpLighting Rental to create the ambiance you truly want for your marriage celebration. Our expert teams set everything up before the reception party starts, and make sure the flattering, romantic, and fun illumination works as intended all night long.


What is it?

LED lights that are strategically placed around the room, shining against the wall, a backdrop or even a brick feature wall. They are computer controlled and any color is achievable with their dynamic display of LED’s so you will never have to worry about the color clashing with any door,

How Many?

The number of lights required for LED Uplighting can vary based on the number of guests, the size of the room or the effect in-depth from (accent – color-wash) We have lit up a lot of venues, there is a good chance that we have lit up your venue of choice before and we can answer that question for you.

Why Us?

There are many companies out there selling inexpensive overseas knockoffs that flickersand can be a fir hazard. We use industry standard uplights, they are tried, tested and true. You will get a beautiful color and very high output light, giving your walls a nice color wash and a wider area that is covered.

Wedding Reception DJ UpLighting

Uplighting can create a warm glow to augment the existing lighting in a room or a cool party atmosphere that matches your wedding colors or more. Each unit creates a diffuse beam of light to give a glow to pillars, the floral arrangements, and special locations like the wedding party table, cake table, and even the DJ stand.


This special type of event lighting consists of multiple units ranged around the floor of the room next to the wall. They are completely wireless, so you do not have to worry about finding enough outlets to plug them in. They are unobtrusive and can be set up out of the way of traffic areas. Besides adding plenty of unique style for your wedding party venue, they also help eliminate dim corners or edge tables to help people enjoy and navigate to the room more easily.

Best Wedding Lighting Production

FM Event Productions services offer the latest equipment for quality uplighting design for your wedding reception. We can create the perfect look for any size room or hall. Although many wedding parties choose a warm amber glow that matches candlelight or twinkle lights, we can also offer various shades of blue, pink, red, and purple to create a unique mood for your reception.


Let’s work together

Whether it’s a last minute wedding upgrade or a planned event, FM Event Lighting Productions has one of Washington DC Metro largest Wireless (Battery Powered) UpLight. For years FM Event Productions has been the “go to” UpLighting Design Mastermind behind a vast majority of Washington DC’s most exclusive and highly decorated events. Trusted and sought after by elite Banquet Halls, Hotels, Florists, Event Planners, DJ’s and Affiliate Event Lighting Companies across East Coast not just for our top-notch quality lighting fixtures and creative design vision, but when compared in price to other DJ lighting rental or wedding lighting rental companies in NYC, FM event Lighting Productions truly exceeds what most budgets.

Centerpiece Stage Pin Spotlight

No Matter Where You’re From, No Matter The Cultural Differences of The Couples And Their Guest. We understand you want to give your guests the best, look No Further. We Are The BEST Go-To For All Multiracial, Multi-ethnic WEDDINGs.

Pinpoint LED Light

on Centerpieces


Pinpoint centerpiece spotlights make enjoyment of the bouquet or display designs simple. These tiny lights have appropriate LED power and wireless construction so they can be used anywhere they are needed. Whether you hire a florist to deliver and display the table centerpieces or choose from other options available at the venue or created by family members or friends, we at DJ FM can make them even more beautiful and noticeable with pinpoint spotlights.

Not only do these small lights help your centerpiece show up better, they are completely safe when compared to lit candles on the table. While candles do provide a touch of flickering romance, they represent a fire hazard if children are nearby, one falls over accidentally, or a guest leans too far over the table. LED pinpoint spotlights are cool and completely safe.

Wedding & Event SpotLight

One of the most important decisions about decorating your wedding reception hall is choosing the design of the centerpieces that will grace each dining table. These costly decorations may consist of lush bouquets of fresh flowers, crystal vases or statuary, or something modern, rustic, or fun depending on your personal tastes. No matter what you choose to display on each table, you want people to see it clearly and enjoy the ambiance it brings.

Let’s work together

Besides shining attractively on the centerpieces on each table at the wedding reception, these small lights help guests see what is on their plate, how much is in their glass, and interact more comfortably with the people around them. Some reception halls are quite dim, and gentle illumination at each table can increase everyone’s enjoyment of the party. For your wedding reception, consider the budget-friendly addition of pinpoint centerpiece spotlights on every table in the room.

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